Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Just one med!!

Wow, I can't believe it has been almost a year since the last post.  It has definitely been that no news is good news!  Lydia has had an amazing (relatively healthy) year compared to the first three of her life.  She had a couple of minor bouts of rejection, but they were able to correct those by adjusting her meds.  She also had a few Immunoglobulin Infusions when her IGG levels would get low, which was residual from her Chemo.  She was excited to get those infusions, though, because she loved the one-on-one time with me or Brian for 4 or 5 hours.  She also was excited for the games, shows, popcicles and food she got to choose while she was there, not to mention doting attention from the medical personnel.

 Now we have more good news.  Lyds went to the Liver clinic yesterday for a check up and her blood pressure was good enough that Dr. Book said we could stop her blood pressure medicine.  Yeah!!!  She is now down to just her anti-rejection med. 
We are so grateful that she is doing so well.  Again, we want to thank everyone who has prayed and exercised faith in behalf of Lydia and our family, and helped us in so many ways.  You have truely been angels to us!


  1. :) I am sooo happy to hear that Lydia is doing so well and down to just one med. She is a cutie and getting so big. :)

  2. Love the update! She is so beautiful.


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Spenc and Lydia enjoying some brocolli (at least the taste of it for Lydia since she just sucks out the flavor and spits it out)