Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back to School

Summer has come and gone in a flash for us.  School starts this week for Spencer, Alyssa and Dallin.  I'm not sure why they are starting so early since the school calendar doesn't show any extra time off mid year.  I wish we had another week or two before they started.  We went to back to school night on Wed. to meet their teachers.  They seem like they will be great teachers and we are hopeful for a great year.
Our family went to Bear Lake last weekend for a couple of days.  My sister Lorraine's family went also.  We stayed in a condo up there and had a fun little get-away.  We swam at the pool, played at the lake and hiked through Minnetonka Cave.  I had previously planned to keep Lydia away from the water because of her immunosuppression, but that wasn't very realistic as she saw all the fun and wanted to join in.  Gratefully she didn't get sick from it.  I am so pleasantly surprised that she has continued to stay well for this long.  I am very thankful that Heavenly Father has blessed her to be so healthy. 
Lydia had an appt. on Monday at the liver clinic and again passed with flying colors.  I didn't even feel any anxiety that we might have to stay this time.  It feels great to know she is feeling and doing great.  She is a very happy and fun little girl.  She is excited about life and the world around her.  It's amazing what a difference a healthy liver can make.  The only rough part about the week was a rough blood draw.  She needed to get an extra blood draw this week because her prograf (the main antirejection med) levels were too low.  Our favorite phlebotomist was out of town for this second draw and we sorely missed her.  It took two different phlebotomists and five pokes with lots of digging to find the veins to get the blood.  Poor Lyds!  She is a good sport though.  She was crying and saying "ouch"  through it, but when she was done she was all smiles again. 
Brian has been working very hard on our house.  His stamina amazes me.  He is there very late almost every night and all day on Saturdays and he gets up early every day to go to work.  I am so thankful for his hard work for us.  The demolition is almost all done and so is most of the electrical, sheetrocking and insulating.  We've had a fun time with family, but I miss our ward and friends down there.
p.s.  No pictures because I've given up on my crummy camera.  I asked for one for my birthday so we'll see what happens then.  Lorraine took some at Bear Lake that she said she will send me, so I will post those ones when I get them.

chillin' and grubbin'

Spenc and Lydia enjoying some brocolli (at least the taste of it for Lydia since she just sucks out the flavor and spits it out)